Run a software defined radio for your IoT projects

February 02, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Run a software defined radio for your IoT projects
This month, Lime Microsystems is giving away five Grove starter kits for LimeSDR Mini, worth 200 Euros each, for eeNews Europe's readers to win.

Developed in partnership with Seeed Studio, the kit is based on the Grove Platform and was designed for use with the Raspberry Pi. It includes a LimeSDR Mini software defined radio platform for cellular, IoT, DVB, GNSS and other RF applications with antennas optimised for 433/868/915 MHz unlicensed bands, plus a GrovePi+ and an array of Grove sensors for temperature, humidity, light, sound, touch, ultrasonic range, acceleration and vibration. Other Grove extensions include a rotary angle sensor, a relay, a buzzer, a red LED as well as a LED bar. The Raspberry Pi (2, 3 or Zero can be used) is not included in the pack, nor is the power supply and the Micro SD card. The kit will get you started learning SDR basics and developing IoT applications, it is aimed at educational use and for beginners. By combining the hardware components with Lime’s  ScratchRadio software extension,  users will be able to quickly and intuitively create simple and fun applications that integrate SDR capabilities and peripheral I/O.

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