Xilinx Vitis AI inference platform ready for free download

December 04, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Xilinx AI inference dev platform available for free download
Programmable logic company Xilinx (San Jose, CA) has announced that its AI inference development platform is available for immediate download free of charge.

Vitis AI is the company’s development platform for AI inference on Xilinx hardware platforms, including both edge devices and Alveo adaptable accelerator cards. It consists of optimized IP, tools, libraries, models, and example designs.

Combined with the Vitis unified software platform , Vitis AI is designed to empower software developers with deep learning acceleration as part of their software code. Vitis AI integrates a domain-specific architecture (DSA) and configures Xilinx hardware to be optimized and programmed using industry-leading frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe.

It provides the tools to optimize, compress, and compile trained AI models running on a Xilinx device in as little as one minute, the company says. The company has also open sourced Vitis accelerated libraries and Vitis AI models, as well as corresponding example designs that can be used from endpoint to edge in addition to cloud platforms.

The company first unveiled Vitis in October as a unified software platform that enables a broad new range of developers – including software engineers and AI scientists – to take advantage of the power of hardware adaptability. It automatically tailors the Xilinx hardware architecture to the software or algorithmic code without the need for hardware expertise and plugs into common software developer tools and uses optimized open source libraries, enabling developers to focus on their algorithms.

Vitis is separate from the company's Vivado Design Suite , which will still be supported for those who want to program using hardware code, but the new platform, says the company, can also boost the productivity of hardware developers by packaging hardware modules as software-callable functions.


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