SoC FPGA dev kit based on the RISC-V ISA

September 16, 2020 //By Ally Winning
Microchip has introduced the industry’s first RISC-V based SoC Field-FPGA development kit for the PolarFire SoC FPGA.
Microchip has introduced the industry’s first RISC-V based SoC Field-FPGA development kit for the PolarFire SoC FPGA.

The Icicle Development Kit for PolarFire (SoC) FPGAs uses offerings from the Mi-V ecosystem to quicken customer design and deployment.

Deployment of a programmable RISC-V-based SOC FPGA can now be easily started with the development and evaluation of a broad network of RISC-V ecosystem products such as RTOS, debuggers, compilers, System On Modules (SOMs) and security solutions. The Mi-V RISC-V Partner Ecosystem is a growing, comprehensive suite of tools and design resources that have been developed by Microchip and third parties to support RISC-V designs.

“Microchip is enabling an unprecedented transformation in processor design as the market embraces RISC-V software and silicon,” said Bruce Weyer, vice president of the Field-Programmable Gate Array business unit at Microchip. “We are removing barriers to entry through a low-cost evaluation platform that will give embedded engineers, software designers and hardware developers a vehicle to implement designs that leverage the benefits of the open RISC-V ISA combined with Microchip’s best-in-class form factors, thermals and low-power characteristics of PolarFire SoC FPGAs.”

“It's exciting to see a low-power RISC-V board for under $500,” said David Patterson, vice-chair of the RISC-V International board of directors and 2017 Turing Award winner. “Microchip’s Icicle Kit, with an embedded PolarFire SoC, will accelerate advances in the RISC-V software ecosystem and be a boon to applications that need a low-power mid-range SoC FPGA.”

The Icicle Kit for PolarFire SoC and Mi-V ecosystem provides:

• RISC-V processor complex from SiFive and embedded trace macro from UltraSoC

• Development tools from Adacore, Green Hills Software, Mentor Graphics and Wind River

• Commercial RTOS solutions such as Nucleus and VxWorks that complement Microchip’s Linux and bare-metal solutions

• Middleware solutions from DornerWorks, Hex Five, Veridify Security and wolfSSL

• SOM and design services from organizations such as Antmicro, ARIES Embedded, Digital Core Technologies, Emdalo Technologies, Sundance DSP, and Trenz Electronic

The Icicle Kit has been developed around a 250K Logic Element (LE) PolarFire SoC device

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