Kickstarter for pocket multimeter, oscilloscope and logger

November 05, 2019 //By Julien Happich
With still over three weeks to go, wearable instrument maker Pokit Innovations is already 1,900 backers strong on a novel Kickstarter campaign presenting the company’s Pro version of the pokitMeter.

Taking into account all the feedback and suggestions from its user-base, the Australian startup improved on its initial instrument design to deliver enhanced functionalities with the Pokit PRO. Packing multimeter, oscilloscope and data logger functions with a 12-bit sampling capability from 10mV to 600V, 1mA to 10A, the tiny probe-looking device can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and ambient temperature, as well as checking continuity and diodes. Pokit PRO’s 600V RMS voltage range extends pokit’s applications to include higher-voltage household, lighting, automotive and electronics work.

The instrument connects to a smartphone app that displays oscilloscope traces or measured values. Its enhanced digital storage oscilloscope functionality supports multichannel use, connecting up to four devices simultaneously. Waveforms can be captured, displayed in real-time on a smartphone, and then saved for export to a CSV file. Users can even perform an FFT spectrum analysis directly within the app.

An open-source API lets users create their own pokit integrated apps and share them with others. Pokit PRO can also be used as a low-power stand-alone data logger (without a smartphone), running for a period up to 6 months and 16,000 data points before battery recharge. The wearable instrument has been optimised for heavy duty work, now sporting a water resistant housing, a rubberised grip, a rechargeable battery and an integrated torch. For increased portability, cable and probe are neatly stored in the body of the device.

Check out the PokitPro Kickstarter

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