IMU provides industry-leading performance

September 02, 2020 //By Ally Winning
Racelogic sets new benchmark for indoor position measurement accuracy in UWB beacon system backed by Xsens’ MTi-100 series IMU
Racelogic claims to have set a new benchmark for indoor position measurement accuracy in a UWB beacon system using the Xsens’ MTi-100 series IMU

Racelogic has used the highly accurate Xsens MTi-100 series IMU to provide what the company claims is the industry-best indoor accuracy for its new VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS). VIPS has been developed to measure the position of vehicles or other mobile assets that are outside the range GPS satellite signals, Racelogic’s VIPS technology provides ±2cm accuracy indoors – the same as its enhanced GPS/GLONASS receiver provides outdoors. The device is accurate in any automotive operating condition.

Racelogic has been using Xsens sensors in its products since 2005. Julian Thomas, Founder and Managing Director of Racelogic, said: “The top priority for Racelogic in developing the VIPS solution was to achieve the industry’s best guaranteed accuracy indoors, in any terrain and any driving conditions – customers have relied on Racelogic for superior accuracy ever since the launch of the VBOX data acquisition system in 2001.” He continues, “That’s why we chose the Xsens MTi-100 series IMU. Our evaluation showed it provided the most accurate inertial sensor data of any module in its class, enabling our VIPS solution to maintain guaranteed accuracy across the entire measured area.”

The VIPS solution consists of six or more static wireless UWB (ultra-wideband) beacons, and a ‘Rover’ module. The module is normally mounted on the roof of the tracked vehicle, which contains a UWB receiver and the MTi-100 series IMU. The Racelogic system achieves its extremely high accuracy by combining position data derived by trilateration of the beacons’ signals with real-time 3D acceleration and rate-of-turn data provided by the MTi-100 series IMU.

The IMU is from the high-performance MTi-100 series product line of all-in-one sensor modules from Xsens. It features:

• High-frequency inertial sensor data output

• Robust gyroscopes and accelerometers – the sensors are qualified according to the MIL-STD-202-201A/204C/214A vibration test standards

• Configurable output settings to synchronize with any third-party device

The Racelogic VIPS solution provides a seamless transition between GPS-based and indoor position measurement

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