Free Microchip graphics toolkit for faster GUI development

September 22, 2020 //By Ally Winning
Microchip has introduced a new free and open-source C++ GUI development toolkit for its 32-bit MPUs running Linux.
Microchip has introduced a new free and open-source C++ GUI development toolkit for its 32-bit MPUs running Linux.

The new Ensemble Graphics Toolkit is intended for the company’s SAMA5 and SAM9 ranges of Arm Cortex-A5 and ARM926EJ-S-based MPUs including the SiP and SoM products. The Toolkit is has been optimized for Microchip’s 32-bit MPUs running Linux. Using hardware acceleration, including graphics controllers and video decoders when available, the toolkit offers a high-performance user experience on low and mid-range graphical displays up to XGA (1024 × 768 pixels) resolution.

The toolkit outputs optimized code, which provides a smaller memory footprint. The efficient performance allows rich GUIs to be developed for supported processors. Additionally, Ensemble Graphics Toolkit and Linux can be optimized for fast cold boot – with boot times of under three seconds from cold reset.

“Whereas other tools require ever higher-performing, higher-power and costlier microprocessors, this no-cost development suite is an enabler that optimizes processing power,” said Rod Drake, vice president of Microchip’s MPU32 business unit. “Developers can achieve modern graphical user interfaces with excellent user experience with a lower bill of material cost, lower power and longevity of solution – while providing a high-end look.”

The Ensemble Graphics Toolkit suite comes without licensing or royalty fees. It is complementary to Microchip’s bare metal/RTOS-focused MPLAB Harmony Graphics Suite embedded software development framework, which is also a free, royalty-free graphical user experience.

The toolkit has been fully integrated with Linux4SAM, Microchip’s mainline, Long Term Support (LTS) Linux offering. In addition to supporting Microchip’s MPU families, Linux4SAM offers driver support for a broad range of its components including the maXTouch family of touchscreen controllers, memory devices, power management and analog devices and wired and wireless networking components and modules. Linux4SAM is regularly updated and supports all Microchip MPUs throughout product life.

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