Fast synchronizer and distribution board for Pentek Quartz range

September 29, 2020 //By Ally Winning
Pentek has added a new high-speed synchronizer and distribution board to the company’s Quartz RFSoC architecture family.
Pentek has added a new high-speed synchronizer and distribution board to the company’s Quartz RFSoC architecture family.

The Model 5903 board is a 3U VPX that is optimized for the Pentek range that is built around the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC.

The new board is capable of synchronizing up to eight 8-channel Pentek Quartz family boards within a system. This allows synchronous sampling and timing for a wide variety of multichannel high-speed data acquisition applications including DSP, radar, beamforming, 5G, electronic warfare and software radio applications.

“The Model 5903 solves a challenging problem for designers developing complex systems," said Bob Sgandurra, director of Product Management of Pentek. He added, "The Xilinx RFSoC offers extraordinary capabilities, but it’s complicated to precisely synchronize multi-channel configurations. Our engineers have solved this challenge so that customers with high-channel count phase-coherent applications can immediately start development without having to work out synchronization strategies.”
Model 5903 has an on-board programmable clock generator to create the sample clock and associated timing signals. Up to eight Quartz boards, with eight channels each can be synchronized using the Model 5903.
The new board features four front panel MMCX connectors that accept input signals from external sources: reference clock, sync and two for gate/trigger signals. The internal programmable clock generator is capable of creating sample clock frequencies from 1 to >5 GHz. The sample clock can be locked to the internal 100 MHz frequency reference or locked to an external reference input connector. Sync and gate/trigger signals can be generated on-board through software or received from external sources through the sync and gate/trigger input connectors.
The Model 5903 provides a multi-signal sync bus to each board to be synchronized containing sample clocks, reference clocks, and gate/trigger and sync signals. Four sync buses are provided on the Model 5903’s front panel and four are provided to the VPX backplane and optionally to an RTM.
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