EERAM memory solutions cut costs and retain data

December 02, 2019 //By Ally Winning
Microchip’s new range of SPI EERAM memory products offers up to 25 percent cost savings over serial NVRAM alternatives with four SPI densities, from 64 Kb up to 1 Mb.
Microchip’s new range of SPI EERAM offers up to 25 percent cost savings over serial NVRAM alternatives, with four densities from 64 Kb up to 1 Mb.

Like serial SRAM, EERAM uses SPI and I2C protocols, but allows the retention of content during power loss without using an external battery. If the device detects power loss, it automatically transfers the SRAM data to non-volatile storage and moves it back to the SRAM once power returns.

EERAM uses standard CMOS and Flash processes to keep costs low and provide reliability. Alternative technologies, such as Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), use a speciality process, resulting in much higher costs and unstable long-term supply. The new EERAM family comes with Microchip’s obsolescence practice to ensure availability for as long as needed.

The devices in the range are available in 8-pin SOIC, SOIJ and DFN packages

• 48L640: 64 Kb SPI

• 48L256: 256 Kb SPI

• 48L512: 512 Kb SPI

• 48LM01: 1 Mb SPI

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