Arduino MKR shields for industrial communication networks

October 02, 2018 //By Ally Winning
Arduino MKR shields for industrial communication networks
Mouser has added a wide range of Arduino MKR shields, including three which are intended for industrial communications systems.

The Arduino MKR 485 shield, MKR CAN shield, and MKR ETH shield allow MKR form factor Arduino boards to connect to industrial automation and automotive systems.

The Arduino MKR 485 provides Arduino boards access to the RS 485 protocol and extends the serial protocol over a longer range. It supports half duplex and full duplex communication, with or without biasing and termination, and master/slave configuration. A three-way DIP switch is provided for simple configuration.

The Arduino MKR CAN shield allows MKR boards to connect to a CAN bus. The shield is centred on a Microchip MCP2515 CAN controller with SPI interface. An onboard switch allows engineers to enable or disable the termination resistor.

The Arduino MKR ETH shield gives an MKR board the ability to use Ethernet instead of a wireless connection for a more reliable connection in industrial environments. The shield is based on the WIZnet W5500 embedded Ethernet controller, which supports up to eight simultaneous socket connections and provides an IP stack capable of both TCP and UDP. In addition to Ethernet connectivity via the Arduino Ethernet 2 library, the shield includes a microSD card slot.

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