AI growth driven by 64-bit processor

March 12, 2018 //By Ally Winning
AI growth driven by 64-bit processor
MIPS has announced a list of companies that are using its 64-bit multi-threaded processors in a range of AI-related applications.

MIPS claims that the core’s multi-threading capabilities, 64-bit processing core, and robust ecosystem and development environments have proven attractive to AI market leaders.

The companies using MIPS for AI applications include Wave Computing (Wave), Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd (Mobileye), NetSpeed Systems, Inc. (NetSpeed), Fungible, Inc., ThinCI, Inc. (ThinCl), and Denso group company NSITEXE (NSITEXE).

Recent adoptee Wave Computing will use the MIPS core in its next-generation of deep learning solutions to handle device management and control functions, including RTOS and SoC subsystem. The embedded MIPS core will enhance Wave’s dataflow technology. Mobileye, Fungible, ThinCI, and DENSO are also using the MIPS 64-bit processor core to develop ground-breaking AI applications.

The MIPS64 architecture incorporates powerful features, hardware virtualization capabilities, standardizing privileged mode instructions, supporting past ISAs, and provides a seamless upgrade path from the MIPS32 architecture.

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