XMOS launches enterprise class tools for xCORE multicore development

November 15, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
The xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise development suite features “industrial grade” debug and support for xCORE and xCORE-XA multicore microcontrollers.

xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise is described by fabless chip maker XMOS as the most advanced multicore microcontroller development suite available. This “industrial grade” tool suite delivers a fully integrated multicore development environment for users of the xCORE multicore microcontroller products. The annual subscription, multi-site license will also provide an upgrade path that integrates an ARM compiler and debugger development flow to support the new multicore xCORE-XA products which add an ARM Cortex M3 processor to the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller architecture.

The xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise tool suite allows developers of configurable multicore microcontroller products not only to develop in a C or C++ development language but also to include simple extensions that describe parallel tasks. It allows fully tested – xSOFTip industry standard compliant – peripherals and reference solutions to be included as part of the design, and supports modular code and overlays for in-field configuration of xCORE multicore microcontroller programmable system on chip solutions.

The comprehensive debug environment is enhanced by the inclusion of a new xTAG-PRO multifunction debugger. This advanced debug hardware solution allows full multicore debug and analysis with accurate real-time trace and fast instrumentation of the target hardware board or system. I/O signals and internal xCORE signals can be accurately monitored in real-time while the target system is running, with both digital and analogue signals available for view in the xSCOPE instrumentation tool. Real-time power analysis of the target system is also supported, allowing developers to optimise their code for the most energy efficient operation.

xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise allows customers to make full use of the deterministic xCORE multicore architecture. The tools provide the ability to define very accurate task and I/O timings, giving developers all of the capabilities of an RTOS but with nanosecond timing accuracy and instant I/O response. High priority real-time tasks can run to completion without interruption on separate logical processor cores. The xCORE Timing Analyser (XTA) tool, included as part of xTIMEcomposer-Enterprise, allows all timing characteristics to be