Wireless communications test set accelerates manufacturing test

August 02, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Agilent Technologies' E6607B EXT wireless communications test set and companion E6617A multiport adapter are optimized for non-signaling testing.

The EXT/MPA combination increases test throughput and reduces the cost of test in the manufacturing of current- and next-generation smartphones and tablets that contain multiformat and multiband technologies. The EXT is an integrated one-box tester that includes a vector signal analyzer, vector signal generator, high-speed sequence analyzer and multiformat hardware. It offers future-ready capabilities such as full cellular-band coverage up to 3.8 GHz (including LTE TDD Band 43) and support for the fast-sequenced test modes implemented in the latest chipsets. The compact and cost-effective MPA adds simultaneous receiver testing, sequential transmitter testing and simultaneous GPS testing of up to four dual-antenna devices at a time. It does this through plug-and-play connectivity to the EXT and fully calibrated ports—eight cellular, four GPS—that extend the test plane to the MPA front panel.

To anticipate future needs in manufacturing test, the EXT can be configured with a variety of X-Series measurement applications for cellular communications, wireless connectivity and digital audio/video. The new EXT test set includes three additions: LTE TDD, TD-SCDMA and analog demodulation. Individual X-Series measurement applications can be included with the original instrument purchase or added later. A comprehensive set of complementary software tools accelerates test development. For example, Agilent Signal Studio makes it easy to create non-signaling downlink signals (control and test) for use with the EXT. In preproduction, Agilent Sequence Studio enables engineers to quickly create and troubleshoot test plans. To help accelerate time-to-volume, Agilent's chipset software provides a graphical user interface and programming interface to enable device control, calibration and verification.

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