Wireless charging meets WiGig data in IDT/Blu Wireless tie-up

May 14, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Integrated Device Technology is to work with Blu Wireless Technology to demonstrate integrated wireless charging along with ultra-fast 60 GHz WiGig data transmission, a combination that will enable consumers to charge their phones and tablets while streaming content such as the highest quality 4K HD video and photos to their televisions and computers.

The collaboration will team IDT’s expertise in wireless power with Blu Wireless’s know-how in WiGig, which allows devices to communicate wirelessly at multi-gigabit speeds and will aim for design of a single-module product.

WiGig technology uses the 60 GHz band to deliver 7 GHz bandwidth. Synchronisation of data on a portable device that today would take two hours and use up nearly a third of a battery’s charge can be completed, with WiGig, in just 45 seconds and consume only 2% of the charge, the two companies believe.

“Growing market demands are requiring easier and faster ways to move video and massive multimedia files in real time without depleting a device’s battery,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, vice president of global operations and chief technology officer at IDT.

Mark Barrett, chief marketing officer at Blu Wireless, adds, “The unique combination of low-profile 60 GHz phased array technology and wireless charging capabilities supports the increased data and ease-of-use demands of mobile users.”

IDT addresses all major wireless charging standards and technologies in both magnetic induction and magnetic resonance technologies, and actively participates in the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Power Matters Alliance (PMA), and Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) as a board member.

IDT; www.idt.com

Blu Wireless; www.bluwirelesstechnology.com