VectorCAST 6.4 includes enterprise and Ada-oriented test features

December 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Vector Software, provider of software solutions for robust embedded software quality, has announced VectorCAST version 6.4 for C/C++ and Ada development. VectorCAST 6.4 includes enhancements in data aggregation, reporting, usability, and tool integration.

New features include:

Function and Function Call Coverage: Required for ISO 26262 Certification, VectorCAST 6.4 Function Call Coverage for each test case and in aggregate across all flavours of testing.

Static Analysis Integration Improvements: VectorCAST out of the box integration with leading static analysis tools has been reworked to provide a consistent set of controls, regardless of the static tool being used. The configuration, annotated listings, and message viewer provide the same workflow for VectorCAST/Lint, PRQA QA∙C, QA∙C++, and Klocwork.

Additionally there are several new language-specific features for Ada development including:

VectorCAST/Ada Stub By Function: Stubbing of functions can now be dynamically controlled on a per-test case basis in VectorCAST/Ada. This allows testing to be performed on one individual function in complete isolation from its dependent functions.

VectorCAST/Ada Change-Based Testing: New Change-Based Testing functionality built into VectorCAST/Ada allows engineers to assess the impact of a source code change on not only their code, but the entire software application.

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