VATN LCDs offer an alternative to OLEDs – from distribution

November 17, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Farnell element14 has Midas Display's VATN LCDs, which offer a high quality, high contrast alternative to standard STN and FSTN LCDs. The black background and a wide choice of LED colour backlights also provides a lower cost alternative to OLEDs.

The heart of VATN lies in its vertically aligned liquid crystals that align perpendicular to the viewing plane when voltage is at zero, creating a totally black background.

Upon voltage being applied the crystals realign, allowing the backlight to appear, with the amount of light being governed by the angle of the crystals, allowing for the display of bright coloured characters on a fully black background.

Available with price breaks for higher volumes and next day delivery the LCDs are available with red, yellow, green, blue or white LED backlights. The LCDs come with high contrast ratio, wide viewing angles and temperature range as well as industry standard module sizes and a solid black background with no backlight bleed-through.

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