Use touch sensing with flexible and curved surfaces

December 04, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Cypress Semiconductor's TrueTouch capacitive touchscreen controllers now support metal mesh sensors from Fujifilm. Metal mesh sensors deliver better scanning performance than traditional indium tin oxide (ITO) sensors, and they are easier to manufacture, cutting cost and design time.

Unlike ITO, metal mesh sensors are bendable, allowing you to use capacitive touch capability with flexible displays and curved surfaces. Cypress' CY3290-TMA500 and CYTK58 TrueTouch Evaluation Kits enable you to design with Fujifilm metal mesh sensors and to add the features of the TrueTouch portfolio.

Smartphone touchscreens are constantly evolving in terms of size, surface, shape, and performance. Manufacturing with metal mesh sensors enables lower cost phones to integrate capacitive touch technology. The technology improves touchscreen sensitivity and delivers robust noise immunity. Cypress has partnered with Fujifilm and other leading metal mesh vendors to make the technology accessible to its customers.

Cypress’s TrueTouch technology claims superior performance in areas such as noise immunity, SNR, waterproofing, refresh rates, power consumption, and accuracy and linearity. The flexible TrueTouch solution allows you to rapidly develop leading-edge solutions without having to buy turnkey modules. A choice of using touch sensors (glass or film) and LCDs from preferred partners, supports innovative mechanical designs ranging from flat to curved surfaces of varying thickness. The capacitive sensing technology of TrueTouch devices offers robust noise immunity that enables reliable operation in noisy RF and LCD environments.

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