TSMC discusses next MEMS, monolithic mics

September 26, 2015 // By Peter Clarke
To expand its role as a supplier to fabless MEMS vendors foundry TSMC plans to use its advantages in being able to combine CMOS logic and MEMS sensors together to come up with innovative sensors and use cases.

It plans to do this both through its capabilities in stacking and packaging multiple die and through monolithic integration, according to Kees Joosse, director of business development at TSMC Europe.

Joosse was speaking at the European MEMS Summit, organized by the SEMI trade association in Milan, September 17 and 18, and laid out the strengths in MEMS that TSMC wants to play to and the next platforms that TSMC will offer, MEMS microphones and gas sensors.

TSMC progress in MEMS platforms; microphones and gas sensors next. Source: TSMC.

In his talk Joosse discussed TSMC's portfolio of sensor and display technologies and also how the sensor technology can be married to RF and power management processes to create wireless sensor nodes for the Internet of Things. A second theme developed by Joosse was that sensors could be used not only to enhance the senses humans have but also to physical parameters that humans cannot, such as near-infrared light, gas identification, ultrasound.