Tiny multilayer chip beads attenuate EMC noise

May 21, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
TDK has developed a miniaturised multilayer chip bead series that is nearly 80% smaller in volume and 65% in area than existing types with comparable performance, showing high impedance values over a wide frequency range.

In case size 0603 (EIA 0201) that is nearly 80% smaller in volume and 65% in area than MMZ1005-E types, with comparable performance, the MMZ0603-E series of multilayer chip beads combines compact dimensions of 0.6 x 0.3 x 0.3 mm with excellent electrical characteristics. The MMZ0603-E series is currently available in two high-impedance versions, one rated for 600Ω and the other for 1000Ω at 100 MHz. Both types offer even higher impedance values at 1 GHz of 1000Ω and 1800Ω, respectively.

A single component can cover a very wide frequency range, ensuring highly efficient noise attenuation. The MMZ0603-E multilayer chip bead is suited for eliminating noise in compact mobile devices, especially in smartphones that must operate with multiple communication frequency bands.

The significant advance in the miniaturisation of chip beads was made possible by TDK’s Gigaspira production technology, which creates a micro-coil winding that is perpendicular to the terminal electrodes, effectively suppressing stray capacitance from the terminals. Case size 0603 is fast becoming the dominant form factor for passive components in smartphones. Applications are in smartphones, tablet PCs, audio players, and digital cameras; in compact devices with wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth, WLAN, and GPS; and in data storage devices such as HDDs.

TDK; http://www.tdk.co.jp/tefe02/e9412_mmz.pdf