TI adds fully-integrated “Thunderbolt” DC/DC regulator for bus-powered applications

July 25, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Texas Instruments’ Thunderbolt portfolio now includes the TPS65980 DC/DC switching regulator, the first fully integrated power solution for bus-powered Thunderbolt applications. The TPS65980 underpins TI’s Thunderbolt single port peripheral reference design, simplifying the power chain and speeding the design of bus-powered applications, such as hard drives, solid state drives and audio and video solutions.

Thunderbolt technology is positioned by TI as the fastest way to transfer data between a PC and peripheral and display devices. At 10 Gbps full-duplex bandwidth per channel, it merges high-speed data (PCI Express) and display (DisplayPort) onto a single protocol. Thunderbolt 2 combines both channels into a single 20-Gbps full-duplex channel, which enables transmission of uncompressed high-bandwidth data, such as 4K video.

TPS65980 features include;

Highest level of integration: Integrates all the power management functions to meet power requirements for a Thunderbolt bus-powered device, reducing the total BOM cost by 50% and solution size by 40% compared to discrete solutions.

Certified for Thunderbolt: Reduces design time, because the TPS65980 is the only solution recommended and approved for Thunderbolt bus-powered solutions.

High-output current: Supplies up to 3.5A of output current, allowing bus-powered endpoint devices up to 10W at over 90% efficiency. Automatic thermal shut-off and power sequencing provide additional flexibility in design.

TI offers a range of support tools; the TI Designs Thunderbolt single-port peripheral reference design is tested and certified for bus and self-powered peripherals. EVMs are also available for each device in the Thunderbolt portfolio, including the TPS65980EVM.

Thunderbolt devices comprise power management parts, switches, multiplexers and interface solutions; for hosts and peripherals, the TPS22981 power mux, TPS22920L load switch and the LM3481 boost converter facilitate the delivery and receipt of power to both the active cable and the connected device. The HD3SS0001video switch connects directly to the Thunderbolt controller switching the Thunderbolt UART transmit/receive pair and DisplayPort Main Link. In cable solutions, the TPS22986 power mulitplexer automatically selects the proper 3.3-V supply to provide power to the active cable circuitry.

TPS65980 comes in a 24-pin, 5 x 4 x 0.9-mm VQFN package, for $2.50 (1,000). The TPS65980EVM is available for US$49.00.

Texas Instruments; www.ti.com/hval-hvl-acs-tps65980-sa-pr-en