Tantalum polymer SMD capacitors now rated to125V

June 25, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
AVX has introducedof the TCJ 100 V and 125 V tantalum polymer capacitors which the company is claiming to be the highest rated voltage tantalum capacitor range currently on the market.

The surface-mount chip capacitors provide high capacitance and ultra-low ESR in a compact case size.  

By maintaining 20% recommended voltage derating, TCJ series capacitors extend the useable voltage range and can be used for a wide array of high-voltage applications, including telecommunications equipment, base stations, switching hubs, router and line filters, DC/DC converters in LED TVs and notebook computer power supplies, and a host industrial applications.

TCJ series high voltage tantalum polymer SMD capacitors exhibit a benign failure mode, which eliminates the ignition failures that can occur in standard MnO 2 tantalum technology, increases robustness, and mitigates any tendency to overload or burn.  Subjected to strict ageing and screening processes to ensure that all parts demonstrate the highest reliability, AVX’s TCJ series capacitors maintain high reliability exceeding 1% per 1,000 hours at 85ºC and full-rated voltage.

Rated for use from -55ºC to +105ºC, AVX’s 100 V and 125 V TCJ Series SMD capacitors feature small case sizes (2924 for the 100 V and 2917 for the 125 V), low profiles, and are halogen-free in accordance with the criteria for environmentally responsible product design that were recently adopted by several other major electronics manufacturers.
AVX;  www.avx.com