Surface mount EMI/RFI shield system, now with cut-to-fit dev kit

February 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Comprising pre-formed cans, clips, kits and fingers, a package of surface mount products can be used separately or in combination to deliver an effective EMI/RFI solution. All the products – contained within Harwin’s popular EZ-BoardWare range – are designed for surface mount technology, with the option of quickly forming a shield of a specific size.

EZ-BoardWare Shield Cans are simply pressed onto pre-positioned surface mount EZ-Shield Clips forming a Faraday cage around sensitive ICs and electronic circuitry. This saves expensive, labour-intensive secondary assembly and facilitates rework. A range of can sizes and clips is available. Attenuation performance up to 24 dB can be achieved, depending on frequency and configuration. The cans have a simple, five-sided box design, which is mechanically robust and more cost-effective than fence-and-cover types. Used with EZ-BoardWare Shield Can Clips, EZ-Shield Cans resist vibration and remain securely retained on the PCB. As well as simplifying maintenance and adjustment, auto placement of the EZ-BoardWare Clips eliminates post-assembly soldering and de-soldering, significantly reducing PCB damage caused by local overheating on the board.

Harwin now offers these EZ-BoardWare EMI/RFI protection screening products in kit form, enabling designers to rapidly construct PCB cans at minimal cost for development purposes. The low cost kits comprise two 80 x 60 x 0.3 mm thick Nickel Silver sheets that are pre-scribed on a 5-mm grid to allowing easy cutting and forming, enabling the user to produce a shield can of the required dimensions. EZ-Shield Can Clips which hold the cans securely in place are also included.

Comments Product Manager, Paul Gillam: “Now, a can may be created easily and effectively in minutes, with no special tools or experience required. We believe that the kits will save costs and time during development, and help to enable that an optimised EMI/RFI solution is found.”

Completing Harwin’s EZ-BoardWare EMI/RFI product range, EZ-Spring Contacts - also known as Grounding / RFI contacts, Spring or Shield Fingers - can be assembled to PCBs and used as grounding or shielding contacts or even for general electrical connection between PCBs or similar. When mounted in a row, the contacts provide an EMI/RFI shielding connection for metal doors or other cabinet enclosures. The contact design ensures positive contact with the mating surface, and is tolerant to both