STMicroelectronics unveils advanced process technology for new generation of sensor electronics

October 02, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
STMicroelectronics has unveiled a new generation of ICs using an advanced manufacturing process that helps save energy, improve accuracy and simplify the design of sensors for applications from automotive electronics to smart buildings and industrial controls.

The new ICs are miniature amplifiers (op-amps) used to condition very small sensor signals. Benefiting from the advanced 16 V CMOS manufacturing process, developed in-house, ST’s new op-amps deliver better accuracy than existing devices, with greater long-term stability. Moreover, the process enables tiny die sizes permitting ultra-small surface-mount packages. Low power consumption makes the op-amps ideal for battery or solar-powered equipment.

The new op-amps also have enhanced electro-static discharge protection, up to 4 kV, and can operate from -40 to 125°C allowing use in harsh industrial or automotive environments. ST will release automotive-qualified versions of these devices in 2013.

The TSX561, TSX562 and TSX564,containing one (single), two (dual) and four (quad) op-amps respectively, operate over a wide supply-voltage range from 3 V to 16 V, allowing use with a variety of industry-standard supply voltages such as 3 V, 5 V, 12 V or ±5 V. The new devices join ST’s broad op-amp portfolio, which give designers many choices of operating voltage, precision characteristics, Gain-Bandwidth Product (GBP) and power consumption. These include the TSV5 series offering similar performance for 5 V operation, and the 10V TS94 series that draws 1.2 µA for use in low-speed applications up to 10 kHz.

Package options include: SOT23-5 (TSX561 single); DFN8 2 x 2mm, MiniSO-8 (TSX562 dual) and QFN16 3 x 3mm, TSSOP14 (TSX564 quad)

Availability and Pricing

The TSX56 series are in mass production now, priced from $0.50 depending on the configuration/package, in quantities of 1,000 units.

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