Software platform builder from Altium/Tasking for ARM Cortex-M

October 29, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
A software toolset aims to provide a time-efficient way to implement middleware; implementing low level standard functionality is often a very repetitive task which can divert design teams' focus from the core application in an embedded project.

Building an application with the new Software Platform is simple and fast, Altium claims. Through a few mouse clicks within the Eclipse based IDE, the developer can put the middleware framework of an application together. After selecting the desired middleware options and the Cortex-M based microcontroller for the project, the Software Platform generates the code that delivers the required functionality. The developer can focus on the application software, which then is integrated with the generated code.

The Software Platform enables the developer to switch the Cortex-M microcontroller, both within the family of a particular semiconductor vendor as well as across vendors. The Software Builder takes care of collecting the middleware functionalities and the low-level drivers for the microcontroller, after which the code framework is generated and then compiled with the application code.

The Software Builder is integrated into the TASKING VX-toolset, which includes a C/C++ compiler, debugger and an Eclipse based IDE. All Software Platform functionalities, including the software development tools, are made available at the cost of a traditional development toolset.

The first release of the Software Builder provides support for the STMicroelectronics STM32 series. Pricing starts at $1,795 for the TASKING VX-toolset Standard Edition and $2,995 for the Premium Edition. Existing customers with a maintenance contract will get the update for free.