SiG Solar group launches LED lighting division

June 26, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Photovoltaics company SiG Solar group (Stuhr, Germany) plans to expand its activities into the future-prone LED lighting market. Towards this end, the company launched a new business division which offers energy-saving lighting solutions for interior and street lighting applications.

The company showcased its LED products for the first time on the Intersolar trade fair which recently took place in Munich. "Lighting is responsible for 20 percent of the global energy consumption", explained SiG Solar CEO Jan-Christian Schröder. "In this application field it is possible to save resources through the utilization of the LED technology."

The company targets the public sector as well as industry, trade and service providers. The new division, SiG Solar LUX, sells LED lamps and LED replacements for CFL tubes under the exclusive brand name DK LED to specialized wholesalers and to trade customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The company's LOLA brand products are the world's first LED street lighting lamps with patented design and patented reflection technology. The luminaires utilize the entire diffuse reflection of the LEDs - even laterally - and project it down to the street. Thus, energy losses and glare effects can be avoided. The concept improves the energy efficiency of these luminaires by up to 65 percent compared to conventional street light. In addition, the bright, white light generated by LEDs offers a significant better light quality than conventional luminaires.

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