Secure web access over PROFINET with standard Internet protocols

November 25, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Renesas Electronics and Sevenstax, a specialist in embedded Internet protocol stacks and applications, have configured a secure connectivity solution for industrial automation applications that supports secure web access using standard internet protocols over a PROFINET connection.

The secure connectivity solution is based on Renesas’ TPS-1 PROFINET IO Device Chip supporting PROFINET IRT (isochronous real time); and the RX630 Group of microcontrollers (MCUs) as a host device. The software framework provided for the RX630 Group contains a software library to interface PROFINET hardware, and an IoT stack to implement common internet protocols such as a webserver and an AJAX/JSON API for the web application. The web application for the solution is based on Sevenstax's Webdesktop framework and can be stored in the MCU's internal flash or in external flash memory. A comprehensive demonstration firmware is available showing the interaction between the web application and Renesas’ PROFINET IRT – TPS-1 solution kit, combining an evaluation board with software.

The webserver is protected with secure user authentication including user and group management. Further protocols and services, for example TLS, IPv6, secure Firmware-Update and additional fieldbus protocols are available as RX630-Group-compatible software packages. The ready-to-run software package, the web application framework and the possibility to get direct support from developers can reduce time-to-market to minimum when using Renesas’ PROFINET IRT – TPS-1 solution kit together with Sevenstax IoT solutions.

The TPS-1 PROFINET IO Device Chip is designed for simplified and cost-efficient implementation of PROFINET IRT interfaces for automation devices. It is a highly integrated single chip solution that meets all requirements of the PROFINET IRT protocols. The configurable host interfaces facilitate the flexible realisation of different use cases such as direct connection of an external host CPU or digital I/Os without additional circuitry.

Sevenstax is a specialist in embedded Internet protocol stacks and applications. Its product range comprises RFC-compliant implementations of every important Internet protocol as well as unique applications for embedded devices. They are used in automation, industrial process and control, consumer electronics, medical and automotive technology, railway and traffic engineering and many other markets;

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