‘Retro’ solder tag prototyping for Raspberry Pi developers

January 04, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor and Raspberry Pi source RS Components has introduced an easy-to-solder prototyping board for engineers and students, for use with the single-board computer. It comprises an array of traditional-style solder tags for ad-hoc wiring.

Or, as RS puts it, “... a low-cost way to build prototypes and unlock the learning potential of the Raspberry Pi”. The 40-pin solder-tag board can be used for developing prototypes based around the Pi, as well as being well suited for education and the training of students and electronics beginners.

It is the same size as the Pi and its 40 terminals match the 40 pins on the Raspberry Pi. Connecting via the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header connector, the RS Pro board provides a simple means of soldering and de-soldering components; in a further reflection of its retro credentials, the board material is SRBP, making it a low cost and readily-replaceable item.


The holes in the tag board align with the mounting holes in the Raspberry Pi, which enables the tag board to be mounted beneath the Raspberry Pi board using an additional mounting kit that consists of four legs and eight screws. In addition, the central slot in the solder-tag board allows a ribbon cable to pass through it.


RS Components; http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/1234541/