Resonance wireless charger of Qi-capable mobile phones shown at CES 2014

January 06, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
ConvenientPower will show at CES (Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas) 2014 what the company claims is the world’s first magnetic resonance technology to wirelessly charge Qi mobile phones at distances of up to 18 mm; "three times more than today’s Qi solutions allow".

The WoW Z device extends the wireless charging distance for applications such as mobile phone accessories, furniture, game peripherals, smart glasses and watch wearables, where thicker or odd form factors require charging at longer distances.

Until now, say the device's makers, increasing the charging distance through resonance wireless power technology resulted in lower efficiency and has used non-commercialised resonant mobile devices. When increasing the charging distance through induction wireless power technology, the use of repeaters increased installation complexity and cost, a concern to industries implementing wireless charging in public locations, furniture, cars, and planes.

“WoW Z delivers resonant charging up to 18 mm distance with 65% charging efficiency, without need for an additional repeater component, and at no extra cost to existing 5-mm distance charging platforms. Installation complexity is also minimised. This is a breakthrough in simplicity and performance in wireless charging,” said Camille Tang, President, ConvenientPower. “Together the WoW Z and WoW 5 distance and simultaneous multiple device wireless charging demonstrate spatial freedom in height, breadth and length respectively. ConvenientPower’s productisation optimises across wireless charging technologies for a differentiating user experience and design freedom.”

Backed by more than 197 companies of the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi is the global standard for wireless charging which is now integrated in more than 414 products, ranging from smartphones, phablets, tablets to charging pads, gaming controllers, Bluetooth headsets as well as automobile consoles.