Radio modules and extended API supports swarm location services

April 27, 2015 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Offering significant extensions, the latest swarm API version 2.1 from Nanotron directly supports the ability to extract precise individual positions from a completely mobile swarm of radio devices in real-time.

It allows users for the first time to write their own location engine based on time of flight ranging which is also known as collaborative location.

For machine to machine (M2M) applications the latest API version now provides both text-based and binary host interface formats, extended control of general purpose I/O pins and an wireless extension for remote configuration and management of the swarm bee LE module allowing fully autonomous wireless configuration without the need for a local host controller.

Dr. Thomas Foerste, Vice President Sales and Marketing of nanotron, points out that “customers want to further cost-reduce and simplify how location-awareness can be utilized and leveraged. This has been the driver for a very much enhanced API.” Reflecting on targeted applications he adds “Auto-ID solutions and location-awareness go hand in hand to improve safety in industrial environments while increasing productivity at the same time”.

Swarm bee LE radio modules together with the new swarm API create the ideal platform for tags and location-aware wireless sensors. By using both products customers obtain all the necessary functionality for a stand-alone solution. If required extra application intelligence might be added through a host controller deployed along with the swarm bee LE module. “API v2.1 enhancements facilitate customers to very rapidly use the swarm bee LE platform to develop their own customized products with any form factor and with any required functionality” said Thomas Foerste.

Nanotron’s swarm products pave the way for exploring swarm intelligence to increase safety and productivity.

Swarm bee LE is an autonomous swarm radio module with very low energy (LE) consumption. Nanotron utilizes its proven Chirp radio technology for this device. Chirp radios provide robust and reliable radio links required in industrial applications. The company’s patented SDS-TWR ranging method allows for concurrent communication and positioning without infrastructure. The swarm bee LE device combines accurate and precise location information with 3D acceleration sensing in a low-cost wireless module. The module