Rack design uses full range of revised cPCI specification

October 20, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Pentair has enhanced features and functions for its Schroff CompactPCI Serial systems, to reflect the changes of the new CompactPCI Serial specification published by PICMG in 2014. This updated revision includes improvements and new features which require changes to the chassis.

To implement additional features in the CPCI.S-0 specification, PICMG opened the specification for revision in 2013. One significant change was the backplane architecture. In the original ratified specification the system slot was only on the left side. Experience showed that some applications require the system slot on the right side. An additional change was applied to the pinout of the P6 connector. Users often need to have their I/O interfaces on the backside of the system, so I/O signals such as DVI, USB and Ethernet are routed directly through the connector to the rear transition module. The P6 connector in the original version of the specification was occupied by Ethernet signals that were routed through the backplane. With the new revision both pinouts are possible.

Having serial interfaces that provide high data transfer rate, Hot Plugging functionality and backwards compatibility, CompactPCI Serial is a platform suitable for a wide range of applications. This technology can be implemented in ruggedised and conduction-cooled versions.

The ratification of the revised PICMG CPCI.S-0 specification led Pentair to extend its product portfolio by introducing a new 4U, 19-in. wide CPCI Serial System with a wide range of possible configurations. The modular design of this chassis family guarantees scalability, enabling individual configurations without complexity. The backplane, cooling and power supply can be adapted to cover any requirements a CompactPCI Serial application could have. All devices such as the power supply, fan tray and backplane are designed according the IEEE and PICMG specifications and are matched. Supported by the scalable platform, the system can be configured to meet users’ exact requirements.

Pentair Schroff; www.pentairprotect.com