Power switch modules offer gains in lifetime and power density

May 14, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s PrimePACK hosts its latest IGBT5 switches with .XT interconnection technology. The IGBT5 allows for higher power density with reduced static and dynamic losses, whereas the .XT interconnection technology extends lifetime by increased thermal and power cycling capabilities.

Infineon aims the PrimePACK modules for application in the majority of high power inverters in applications such as wind, solar and industrial drives.

The modules include the latest IGBT5 chips, with a 25 K higher maximum operation junction temperature, allowing for a maximum junction temperature of Tvjop=175 °C. Compared to the previous generation the new IGBT5 chips show an improved soft switching behaviour along with reduced total losses. This enables a higher power density in 1200V and 1700V applications. Within the same PrimePACK footprint the output current of the application can be increased by 25%.

The PrimePACK has been enhanced with Infineon’s .XT interconnection technology to enhance lifetime. This has been realised by sintering of IGBT chips and diodes along with improved system soldering and use of copper bonds instead of aluminium bonds, extending lifetime of the modules by a factor of ten.

Integrating IGBT5 and .XT technology into PrimePACK provides added freedom to system designers, Infineon asserts. Using the new PrimePACK with IGBT5, the output power of the application can either be increased by 25%, or a tenfold increase of lifetime for the same output current can be realised. For the same output power the cooling efforts can be significantly reduced, while on the other hand higher system overload conditions are permitted. Various tradeoffs between output power and lifetime are feasible.

The new PrimePACK™ 3+ housing for the high current modules provides an additional AC terminal and bus bar, which leads to increased current carrying capabilities, while a low-inductance connectivity to the collector of the bottom IGBT is realised by an additional control terminal.

First introductions are 1200V / 1200A (FF1200R12IE5) and 1700V / 1800A (FF1800R17IP5) lead types. The portfolio will be expanded with modules providing 1200V / 1500A, 1200V / 1800A, 1700V / 1200A and 1700V / 1500A.

Infineon; www.infineon.com/PrimePACK