Power metering IC platform cuts design time for worldwide utilities

October 31, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Maxim Integrated’s ZON family of metering SoCs lets designers build a full range of products without changing firmware: a single common core meets worldwide utility standards and saves development time.

Electricity meter standards vary around the world and utility companies require different types of meters to meet customer and regional needs, and meter manufacturers need to be flexible and react quickly when the utilities' requirements change. Meanwhile, metering IC designs today hint at flexibility by offering different memory capacities on the same chip, but changing memory size alone, says Maxim, is not a family solution. It does not allow for meter optimisation that meets evolving utility standards and models. The ZON family of metering SoCs is a versatile solution because meter manufacturers can use one platform with the same firmware to optimise features and accommodate disparate customer needs.