Optimised interfaces to MEMS sensors provided by companion ASSPs

October 11, 2013 // By Peter Clarke
Si-Ware Systems Ltd., a fabless chip and design service company based in Cairo, Egypt, has developed two application-specific standard products (ASSPs) designed to interface to MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers.

The SWS1120/30 provide capacitive detection and ready for integration with a variety of MEMS sensing elements. Si-Ware has built in a trimmable gain and offset to accommodate MEMS fabrication variations. The chips include a 24-bit resolution ADC and digital output and are supported with proprietary software and hardware evaluation platform.

The chips operate at 5V and include a charge-pump for higher voltage MEMS actuation up to 8V. One-time and multi-time programmable options are provided for sensor trimming and calibration. Output is via a 10-Mbit/sec SPI serial interface in a slave mode of operation.

The ASSPs are offered in die form for integration in a single package with the MEMS sensing element. QFN packaging options are also available. The pricing for the SWS1120 starts at $17.79 in 10,000 unit quantities while the sWS1130 starts at $10.47 in 10,000 unit quantities. It is not immediately clear what differs between the two parts.

Samples are available now and production is planned for 1Q14. Si-Ware did not indicate where it is getting the chips made.


SWS1120 datasheet

SWS1130 datasheet

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