Nanopower, 8 kHz GBW op-amps trim system power usage

October 14, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
STMicroelectronics’ TSU10X nanopower op-amps provide ultra-low power consumption over the full operating temperature range, allowing you to optimise power budget and battery lifetime wherever quiescent current is the major concern.

The TSU101, TSU102 and TSU104 are single, dual and quad configurations, respectively. Drawing less current per op-amp than the typical self-discharge current of a lithium-ion battery, TSU10x devices enable longer operation from small coin cells in applications such as energy-harvesting systems, personal medical monitors, smoke alarms, passive infrared detectors, wireless sensors, security cameras and smart tags.

Specified maximum current over the temperature range is as low as 800 nA at 1.8V or 850 nA at 3.3V and typical current consumption is 580 nA at 25°C and 1.8V. The maximum input offset voltage is 4.5 mV and input bias current is 300 pA, also specified over the full temperature range. The devices have rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, operate from 1.5V to 5.5V, and have typical gain-bandwidth product of 8 kHz.

Joining ST’s TS88x series of nanopower comparators, the TSU10x devices come in SC70, SOT23-5, DFN8 2x2, MiniSO8, QFN16 3x3 or TSSOP14 packages depending on configuration. Prices start from $0.50 (1,000).