Multifunctional connector system targets LED lighting

April 02, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hirose Electric Europe B. V. has developed a multifunctional LED connector system, the DF series. The device targets a broad range of industry applications, in the first place in LED lighting.

The multifunctional connector can be used for power supply applications both 'wire to board' as 'board to board'. An additional version is designed to the function of a shortening plug. For all of these three functions only one type of socket is required. This significantly reduces the number of components to be stocked by customers.

The DF59 features contact spacing of 2.0mm or 4.0mm according to the requirement of increased air or creepage path in the respective applications. The system is designed for a current of 3A at a wire gauge of AWG22 (1.26mm / UL1061). The nominal voltage is 100V for 2mm contact spacing or 230 for 4mm contact spacing. The product is available with two, three or four contacts and thus ideally meets the requirements of monochrome and RGB lighting. Other contact numbers are under development.

The system features a very low profile of only 2.5mm. Similarly, the footprint of 8x9mm for a three-pin cable connector version is very small. Thus, shading can be avoided, particularly in bright LED applications. In addition, the connector is manufactured in a white material to make it as "invisible" as possible.

The connector snaps in by means of a "Swing Lock" mechanism which significantly increases the force required to pull the wire out of the connection. The board-to-board connector is held in place by means of a frictional connection.

The connector system is ideal for use in LED lighting, infrared light barriers, battery connection, small DC motors, power supplies and many more applications.

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