Movea unveils Chemistry of Motion solution to enable rapid prototyping of motion-enabled products

April 24, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Movea has revealed the company's Chemistry of Motion solution that enables the company to rapidly prototype new motion features for customers in the mobile, Interactive TV, sports, and health markets. 

Built on Movea's patented SmartMotion 'atoms', Chemistry of Motion builds on hundreds of years of R&D which has identified the fundamental elements of human motion and tools for combining SmartMotion atoms into molecules of more complex, end-user features.     

“We have been researching motion for many years,” said Bruno Flament, Movea's CTO.  “As we started identifying the fundamental building blocks of human activity, we saw that these atomic motion elements fell into a natural organization based on defining parameters such as category of motion, complexity, placement and combination of sensors, as well as the element's inputs and outputs by which they bond to each other.  In some ways, we were facing a similar challenge to what Dmitri Mendeleev faced when he was trying to make sense of the chemical elements.”     

Movea's Chemistry of Motion characterizes and organizes the basic elements of human motion and assembles them into 'molecules' which represent the richer, more complex end-user features that the market is increasingly demanding. In Movea's Table of SmartMotion Elements, basic features are organized into columns according to the type of motion analysis they perform.  Each element in the table is characterized by fundamental properties such as category of motion, computational complexity, sensor configuration and sensor placement.     

Ken Sumitani, President of Japan Entry for Movea in Japan, commented: “Japan Entry has a network of contacts that are constantly seeking innovative solutions that deliver new capabilities to market, increase consumer demand and improve the user experience.  By providing access to a strong IP portfolio and reducing time to market for design and development of new capabilities, Movea positions itself as a World-Wide leader in motion sensing.  Movea's flexible solutions for motion processing and data fusion help companies achieve their visions for more personal product experiences.”     

The creation of new features by assembling motion atoms into molecules is accelerated through a powerful internal toolkit the company's engineers have developed called