Modular stimulus response measurement package, from Keysight

July 03, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies has introduced four M9290A CXA-m PXIe signal analyser tracking generator options, creating what the company terms the first modular stimulus response measurement solution; that provides the industry’s highest tracking generator frequency coverage.

The CXA-m signal analyser, with a built-in tracking generator, now has 3, 7.5, 13.6 and 26.5 GHz options. Vector signal analysis capabilities are also now available on the CXA-m by the N9064A VXA X-Series measurement application or 89600 VSA software.

“Today’s developers who are creating systems used in the maintenance and production line want a versatile test platform that has a small footprint; and is capable of spectrum and signal analysis; and component characterisation,” comments Brian LeMay, general manager of Keysight’s Chengdu Instruments Division. “The modular design of the CXA-m and its industry-leading capabilities provide a powerful and affordable solution.”

Adding an optional tracking generator to the CXA-m makes it applicable to characterising the behaviour of components or subsystems, including frequency response, conversion loss and insertion loss/gain, as well as analysing and identifying unknown signals. The modular CXA-m stimulus response measurement solution allows system developers to fulfil the tasks for component characterisation while meeting the demands of shrinking the test footprint and budget.

The VXA measurement application provides the CXA-m with a vector signal analysis mode that supports a wide range of measurements, demodulation types and filters that enable engineers to perform comprehensive signal analysis, thoroughly test designs, ensure product quality and optimise device performance. The N9064A is one in a common library of more than 25 measurement applications in the Keysight X-Series signal analysers.

The 89600 VSA software is a comprehensive set of tools for measuring signals; verifying signal performance with multiple simultaneous views in time, frequency and modulation domains; and troubleshooting via trace-to-trace coupling, triggering, record and playback. Collectively, these tools accelerate device development with consistent vector signal analyser measurements at any stage of design – from baseband to RF and simulation to design validation.

Keysight has a “backgrounder” document discussing its modular programme, here;