Mixed signal scopes add measurement firmware & memory

July 11, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Yokogawa's DLM2000 mixed-signal oscilloscope has been enhanced with longer memory capabilities and a number of firmware improvements.

The length of the acquisition memory has been increased up to 62.5 Mpoints in the standard unit and up to 250 Mpoints with the extended memory option. This means that, with the maximum memory installed (/M3 option), in single-shot mode, a 10 kHz signal lasting for more than one hour can be captured. The same memory can capture a 200 msec signal at a sample rate of 1.25 Gsample/sec sample rate.

The built-in flash memory capacity has also been increased from 0.1 GByte to 0.33 GByte, while a new extended memory option with a capacity of 7.2 GByte has been introduced.

Also included are a number of enhancements to the history memory function: a Yokogawa capability with which the instrument can capture and replay many individual acquisitions that can be displayed one at a time or as an accumulation. Using search and measurement functions, this allows abnormal signals to be quickly isolated, analysed and precisely categorised without the need to carefully configure triggers to capture rare events.

In the enhanced DLM2000, the maximum number of history waveforms is increased from 20,000 to 50,000 and the default setting is changed to "all" so that all stored waveforms are displayed by a single click of the "history" key. Also enhanced is the zone search function, which now includes an intuitive search function covering the whole of the history waveform and is 20 times faster than the original version.

Together with a maximum continuous acquisition rate of 20,000 waveforms per second, which increases to approximately 450,000 in N Single mode, the history memory in the DLM2000 enables abnormal signals to be captured without needing to know what makes them different.

Firmware option packages include dedicated software for power-supply analysis as well as analysis of popular serial buses including automotive CAN/LIN and FlexRay trigger and analysis.

The DLM2000 allows the user to choose to capture a mix of analogue and more digital signals. With