Miniature rapid-connection SMD field-wiring PCB connection system

November 11, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Harting has introduced a 2.54 mm pitch version of its har-flexicon miniature rapid-connection system for printed-circuit boards incorporating surface-mount devices.

The system is designed as a screwless rapid termination technology that allows economical processing. It is designed to be compatible with SMT and reflow soldering processes as well as with automatic loading systems using pick-and-place technology. Incorporating SMD PCB terminals and connectors with 2.54-mm spacing, it enables the flexible, field-installable rapid connection of individual wires with push-in spring-force termination technology as well as providing a stable basis for surface mount connectivity.

Rigid and flexible conductors are available with cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.5 mm². Straight and angled components with 2-12 positions are available for the PCB. For cross-sections up to 2.5 mm², reflow products with push-in spring force termination technology with a pitch of 3.50/3.81 mm and 5.00/5.08 mm are available as PCB terminals and PCB connectors.