Miniature encoder system for easy motor integration

March 23, 2012 // By Julien Happich
With the MILE encoder, maxon motor AG enables engineers to take advantage of the company's EC 90 ultra slim flat motor in high-precision applications and positioning tasks, without adding length to it.

Behind the abbreviation MILE hides Maxon's Inductive Little Encoder, claimed to be the world‘s smallest inductive rotary encoder. Its operating principle is based on the detection of high-frequency inductivity which generates eddy current in an electrically conducting target. The advantages of a high-frequency inductive measurement method compared to traditional encoders is its high robustness towards dust or oil vapor. The encoder is insensitive to interference pulses (for example from PWM controllers or motor magnets). The new EC 90 flat MILE possesses a high nominal torque of 517 mNm offers resolutions of up to 3200 impulses per turn for high precision. This makes it the perfect choice in applications, such as door drives, logistic robots, or solar trackers.

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