Millimeter-wave prototyping platform for 5G application development

February 18, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Xilinx provides IP for a 256QAM millimeter wave modem, integrated on the BEEcube BEE7 baseband platform: the combination is said to provide a complete “out of the box” solution for wideband backhaul prototyping

The platform, say the two companies, addresses the 60GHz backhaul market and allows designers to work on innovative mmWave designs immediately.

“5G will increase cellular network capacity by a factor of 1,000 and the use of mmWave frequencies is critical to address the growing need,” said Dr. Bob Brodersen, Co-Founder Berkeley Wireless Research Center and Chairman of the Board at BEEcube. “Existing tools for prototyping at mmWave frequencies are very limited and do not offer good integration. With no competing offerings in this frequency range, the introduction of this mmWave prototyping solution fills a huge gap as companies race to prototype 5G systems.”

The integrated BEEcube BEE7 baseband platform connects to two 60GHz wideband transceivers and phased-array antennae enhancing the performance by virtue of increased absolute frequency range and channel bandwidth. Its highly configurable point-to-point 500 MHz mmWave modem IP from Xilinx includes, among other features, adaptive modulation and bandwidth, high-performance LDPC FEC, adaptive DPD, I/Q imbalance correction, automatic frequency recovery, a hybrid decision-directed equaliser, and supports speeds up to 3.5 Gbps in single polarisation mode.

“This solution provides the key features and capabilities customers need to accelerate development of next-generation wireless solutions, “ said Sunil Kar, vice president of wireless communicions at Xilinx. “Xilinx and BEEcube will continue to collaborate to produce scalable platforms with maximum digital integration to help our mutual customers address evolving backhaul needs for future technologies such as 5G.”


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