Microwave vector signal analyser: wideband and fast-switching

October 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
National Instruments says it has the industry’s widest bandwidth high-performance 26.5 GHz microwave vector signal analyser (VSA); and also introduces a fast tuning 20 GHz continuous wave signal generator, expanding the measurement capabilities of the PXI platform.

High-performance vector signal analysers deliver a combination of low noise floor, high linearity, and low phase noise. NI's 26.5 GHz VSA combines these attributes with up to 765 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. With the VSA’s bandwidth, engineers can analyse the widest bandwidth signals in a single acquisition including radar pulses, LTE-Advanced transmissions and 802.11ac waveforms. The VSA’s fast measurement lowersthe cost of test. Engineers can program the VSA’s user-programmable FPGA with LabVIEW system design software to customise instrument behaviour and address the most advanced RF test applications.

The 20 GHz signal generator features a combination of exceptional phase noise and fast tuning time (100 µsec). This instrument addresses applications including blocking/interferer generation, high-performance intermodulation distortion test benches and various electronic warfare applications.

National Instruments; www.ni.com/microwave/