Mentor continues PCB software revamp with data management design

July 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Mentor Graphics has added the next element in its Xpedition platform, the Xpedition Data Management (xDM) product suite. The xDM Design product suite provides a flow-wide information hub that manages the PCB design data that is created, reused, imported, or released from the Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise platform.

As a single, comprehensive data management solution, the xDM Design solution manages design data for work-in-progress designs, and library and component data for the entire PCB design flow. It is intended to ensure the accuracy, integrity and security of the PCB data used throughout the enterprise flow, with the aims of cost reduction, increased productivity, and data protection across each state of the PCB development process to efficiently manage complexity.

The software aims to manage the increasing challenges and complexity of PCB systems design with the xDM Design solution which is an integral part of the xDM suite. The xDM Design tool manages data from a broad range of sources, serving as a central design “cockpit” for all tools and data used by the project stakeholders. A key feature is design traceability, which creates a family tree and tracks all events associated with design objects. The xDM Design collaboration client feature enables team collaboration across the enterprise, providing complete design viewing in a web browser, allowing redlines and mark-ups for design reviews. The collaboration client also enables quick access to design state information including metrics such as total parts, total nets, constraints, and per cent routed — enabling management to have a quick read of design status at any time.

The xDM Design product provides an automated index of all ECAD design metrics—gathering, tracking, and analysing design state data at multiple levels: design status, online hazards, annotation status, and design constraints, also providing the ability to search on desired metrics. This unique set of project meta-data is only visible available from within Mentor Graphics products.

“[We believe that]... our Xpedition data management solution far exceeds the capabilities of other data management tools in the industry,” stated Henry Potts, general manager and senior vice president of Mentor Graphics Systems Design Division. “Our mission is to provide advanced technologies and services that ease the customers' increasing design challenges.”

The xDM product suite