LumaStream joins Bridgelux Ecosystem program

March 14, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
LED lighting technology provider LumaStream has announced that it is the first company to sign a cooperation agreement with LED manufacturer Bridgelux under the new Bridgelux Ecosystem Program. LumaStream said it regards the move as a foundation for further market and technical developments with Bridgelux.

“We are extremely impressed with efficiency and performance of the Bridgelux arrays", said LumaStream CEO Eric Higgs. "The quality of these arrays was a driving factor in our development efforts.”LumaStream's 'Power Vector' power supplies are designed as enabling technology for LED luminaire manufactures to maximize reliability, efficiency and control. The Power Vector THEA product was designed to complement Bridgelux RS and ES arrays. The Ecosystem Program is a joint marketing relationship where LumaStream and Bridgelux will work together to demonstrate their complementary technologies to the solid-state lighting market.

Mike Gershowitz, Director of Technical Marketing for Bridgelux, views LumaStream's participation, in tandem with future Ecosystem partners, as a requisite step in accelerating our collective market penetration. “The LumaStream partnership demonstrates the importance of providing reliable, synergistic solutions to our customers. The quality and functionality that LumaStream offers will simplify the adoption of our LED arrays. Both LumaStream and Bridgelux have demonstrated innovation and perseverance in the rapidly growing solid-stage lighting market. Higgs sees partnerships as a critical element of market success in the solid-state lighting industry.