Light engines deliver 130 lm/W, up to 40 years of life expectancies

October 19, 2012 // By Julien Happich
OMC's 220-series Spectralux light engines deliver up to 130lm/W and feature life expectancies of up to 40 years.

The light engine range features highly efficient, tightly-matched LED die material bonded to a thermally conductive substrate and encapsulated with a precision-applied phosphor coating. OMC is able to achieve such high performance in the 220-series because the company uses a greater LED chip area which has been optimally distributed across the substrate surface to enhance optical efficacy and reduce current density. In addition, the electronic configuration of the die elements has been arranged to keep drive currents low, thereby reducing the power dissipation further. Not only does this technique result in high luminous efficiency, it also ensures that heat is spread more effectively across the substrate surface resulting in lower junction temperatures and longer life expectancy. In applications where very high efficiency is not the main consideration, the die area can be tailored to reduce power consumption or cost so as to meet the requirements of individual customer applications.

The 220-series devices are compact at only 20mm square, and are simple to use, requiring only a constant-current supply to drive them. Heatsinking the devices is also more simple as the greater efficiency means lower power dissipation for a given light output.

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