JPEG 2000 UHDTV 4K & 8K codecs integrated in 28nm FPGA

August 30, 2012 // By Julien Happich
intoPIX' latest generation of UHDTV codecs address the growing needs of the audiovisual industry for 4K and 8K resolutions.

The ULTRAHDTV JPEG2000 codecs, called IPX-JPUHD, have been developed on the new generation of 28nm FPGA from Altera and Xilinx. With an optimized footprint, the codecs fit in a single and cost effective FPGA chip. The codecs achieve 60 frames per second with a respective maximum compression bitrate of 2Gbps for 4K and 8Gbps for 8K at a visually lossless quality.

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