Intelligent system platforms with 4th Generation Intel Core and Xeon CPUs

June 04, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Advantech has announced its latest platforms based on the 4th generation Intel Core processors, offering scalable solutions across multiple form factors, with triple display graphics and exceptional media capabilities, for the design of more secure, higher-performance and power efficient solutions

Included are industrial motherboards, single board computers, computer on modules, industrial serverboards, CompactPCI platforms, VPX blades and Network Application Platforms. With improvements in CPU performance, media and graphics capabilities, security and power efficiency, the new platforms are suitable for powering intelligent systems designed for a variety of market segments including video surveillance, digital signage, medical, industrial automation, gaming, network and telecom.

Vast amounts of data are being generated by billions of intelligent devices connecting to all parts of the network, including every business and household. As sensors and devices become more connected and context aware they are enabling increased productivity and efficiency, whilst also improving safety and user experience. Harnessing data from interconnected sensor networks requires a framework designed to facilitate connectivity, management, and the security of devices in a consistent and scalable manner. Advantech is addressing these needs through products designed with the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework.

“To capitalize on the true potential of the Internet of Things (IOT), Advantech is committed to developing platforms based on Intel technology at every point in the network. Our product divisions design data acquisition devices and controllers which are deployed across multiple industries capturing vital information. In turn they feed data to edge gateways built on Advantech hardware and into the cloud where we supply networking platforms based on Intel® architecture to communications equipment providers. The products we are announcing today are all catalysts in the conversion process of massive volumes of data from many different sources into value-added information”, said Franz Wei, Vice President of Embedded System Group.

“The Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v3 series and 4th generation Intel Core processor family deliver the performance, graphics capabilities, security and power efficiency required in demanding embedded devices today, including digital signage, medical imaging, digital security and surveillance, telecommunications infrastructure, industrial automation, and more,” says Sam Cravatta, product line manager, Intel Intelligent Systems Group. “Companies like Advantech can harness the advances in the