Integrated IO-LINK PHY-device has full fault protection

July 01, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
TI has introduced a flexible physical layer device that offers high output current with highest operating temperatures for harsh industrial applications.

This family of fully-integrated IO-LINK physical (PHY) layer devices replaces discrete implementations and provides a great level of flexibility. The SN65HVD101 and SN65HVD102 provide higher output current and higher operating temperatures compared to their competition. This enables their use in point-to-point communication applications such as pressure, level, temperature or flow IO-LINK sensors and IO-LINK actuator drives and valves in harsh industrial applications. They feature a high level of integration to cut board space: The new IO-LINK PHY devices integrate a voltage regulator with the ability to supply up to 20 mA for local circuits, which reduces board area by 50% compared to discrete implementations and enables adaptation to existing 3.3-V or 5-V controllers. To survive cross-wire faults these devices integrate up to 40-V, steady-state protection to prevent damage due to installation faults or cable breaks. Up to 50-V transient protection prevents damage from power surges on field voltages, eliminating the need for an external protection device. With an operating temperature range of -40C to +105C, the SN65HVD101 and SN65HVD102 are the only IO-LINK PHY devices with robust capability for use in harsh industrial applications. For the widest output current range these ICs drive up to 480 mA for interoperability with a wide range of sensors and small actuators, while competitors drive at 300 mA or less. The output current can also be set with a single resistor to provide self-limiting for safe operation in lower-power applications. Solutions utilising IO-LINK require a microcontroller (MCU) in the slave device configuration of the standard.

The SN65HVD101EVM (evaluation module) is available to evaluate device parameters while acting as a guide for board layout, and costs $79. The SN65HVD101 and SN65HVD102 are available in a 4-mm by 3.5-mm, 20-pin VQFN package at $2.23 (1000).