HV simple regulator cuts 5V MCU supply PCB area

March 16, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
ZXTR2105F is a regulator that monolithically integrates a transistor, Zener diode and resistor to provide a 5V 15 mA output from inputs up to 60V. In a small SOT-23 package, this regulator transistor reduces component count and minimises PCB area in microcontroller applications, such as DC cooling fans for PCs and servers, as well motor drive, blowers and sensor applications in industrial and automotive market segments.

The device is designed to replace three discrete components, and when typically used to produce a stable supply of between 4.7V and 5.3V from 12V or 24V inputs, not only minimises the solution footprint but also increases system power density and reliability. The device’s 60V maximum input rating ensures sufficient headroom in the event of transient over-voltage conditions, while its line and load regulation safeguards continuous operation by ensuring transient voltage drops cannot cause latch-up. The ZXTR2105F represents the latest extension to the ZXTR2000 family, and is priced at $0.10 (1,000).

Diodes; www.diodes.com