HMI board offers mid-resolution, measures 59 x 39mm

January 12, 2015 // By Julien Happich
With the launch of its GraphLight board, French manufacturer Clairitec addresses the growing market demand for display with a resolution up to VGA (640x480 pixels).

This HMI board version uses SpiderGraph board technology while being optimised for a resolution up to VGA. By removing the hardware components not essential for a display in low resolution, replacing the microprocessor and optimising the electronic architecture, the new GraphLight board offers two main advantages: a significant cost decrease compared to the original board while slashing its footprint by a factor of two.

Equipped with serial connections for RS232, CAN or USB, the 59 x 39 mm GraphLight enables engineers to develop and integrate fully customisable touch and graphic interfaces in less than four weeks directly from an existing business application. The GraphLight board will also be integrated into the plug & play and EMC certified graphic display module designed by Clairitec, notably the 4.3-in. WQVGA and 3.5-in. QVGA versions.