High frequency ultra-broadband SMT inductors usable to 40 GHz

November 01, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
AVX' GLM and GLN series passives provide low insertion loss and excellent matching for ultra-broadband DC decoupling networks and bias-tee applications

The GLM and GLN Series provide extremely low insertion loss and excellent matching over multiple octaves of the frequency spectrum. Developed specifically to deliver repeatable and reliable ultra-broadband performance up through 40 GHz, these surface mount broadband inductors provide maximum inductance in a compact physical space, suiting them for applications including: semiconductor data communications, receiver optical sub-assemblies, transimpedance amplifiers, and test equipment. In addition to ultra-low insertion loss they offer excellent return loss, and extreme part-to-part performance and repeatability.

Available in two sizes, M and N, the GLM and GLN Series are rated for -55°C to +125°C and offer flat frequency response and a rugged powdered iron core

AVX; www.avx.com